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DH-automotive was established in 1996 primarily to carrier the repair of cars / race cars and motorcycles/ enduro and race motorcycles.
With a background of working as technical in hydraulic repair it was no big deal to find a solution for the repair of the original hydraulic spoiler system.

We decided to offer this extra service after there where some problems with the spoiler hydraulic system of our customers. From those early days DH-automotive has grown to be one of the most respected Europe companies in the repair and upgrading of the spoiler hydraulic system. The original purpose of the company was simply to offer an extra spoiler repair service, but due to demand for custom built equipment, this provided an ideal platform for some manufacturing of special parts to result the problems with the 996/997 turbo spoiler.

We are upgrading and offer Cost-Saving Repair Services to Fix Your Original spoiler hydraulics but also an elec-ram system or adjustable wing mounts for the replacement of your original hydraulic system.
We have addressed the problem of failed OEM seals by replacing them with superior seals. Our seals are custom designed and manufactured to our specifications,
significantly increasing the service life x3 of the rebuilt cylinders. These seals have a high resistance to decomposition when exposed to hydraulic fluid, moisture,
pressure, and high temperatures. Dh-automotive offers a rebuild service for the Porsche 996 and 997 convertible top hydraulic cylinders.


We have an exchange standard service for the spoiler hydraulics when you come to ourworkshop.

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