Elec-ram Kit

electric wing Actuation for the 996/997 TT

We manufacturing electric-rams kits for the replacement of the original hydraulic spoiler system that fits perfectly on your car and less expensive than the original hydraulic replacement mechanism made from SUSPA for Porsche.

Just a tiny electronic devise module cast in resin is connected to the micro switch wiring.

Electric wing actuation kit works just like the original ones go up at 120km/h ( 75MPH) retract at 60 km/h( 37MPH).

Manual dash bottom for the maintenance (cleaning) works just like the original system.

Tree extension height choices: 50mm (like 997 coupe), 75mm (like 997 convertible and 996 coupe), 100mm customized height (997 and 996 custom height).

Easy DIY Instruction manual illustrated with pictures; English language included in kit. Al installed in +- 2 hours.

Support by mail 7/7 days.

All kits have fast extension and retraction function, less than 3 sec.
for the 75mm stroke.

The electric wing kit consists 2 electric rams pre-assembled.

Our clamps between ram and spoiler are billet ANODISIZED aluminum 6081.

Our ELECTRIC-RAM kits are different from the other manufactures, we offer you higher quality for less money!

Our flanges between the electric-rams and the deck lid are manufactured in marine aluminum 5083

Our clamps on the spoiler have a better design than the other e-ram kits that are for sale.

The electric-ram kits from the other manufacturers have a poor design, they use a  O-ring system to clips the spoiler on the rams.

O-rings became hard over time and will break; O-rings lose the flexibility and you risk to lose your spoiler over time. (a very dangerous situation on the road)

We Use the original clamp system with the spring washers designed from Porsche, this is the only system that has proven they reliable attachment system.

INCLUDED micro device module cast in the resin, that guaranty you 100% waterproof and shockproof for the electronic components on the print.


INCLUDED: Dust and Moisture Boots.

INCLUDED hook wrench original Germany tool for removing the wing off the original hydraulic rams.

INCLUDED wiring with fuse holder, different electrical connectors included for easy plug in, snap plugs for easy connection or shrinkable for the durable soldering connection (all included to make your own choice of the connection).

All kits have fast extension and retraction function, less than 3 sec. for the 75mm stroke.

Deploying the wing up and down faster than the original hydraulic.

An elec-ram kit off 75mm (3”) is the best choice to retain the 996 original look and give the 997 more downforce and sportive look.

Model 50mm 75mm 100mm
Elec-ram Kit for the 996tt
Elec-ram Kit for the 997tt

The 996 kit is compatible with all 996 turbos, coupe/convertibles year 2001 until 2005.

The 997 kit is compatible with all 997 turbos, coupe/convertibles year 2006 until 2011.

Returns are accepted under conditions, please contact us for further info.

NO custom fee or taxes for European customers except, Norway, Suisse, contact us for more info.

The shipping price is not included in the purchase price, ones we have your location we will inform you about the shipping cost.

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