Repair service of spoiler mechanism

The problem starts almost every time with oil leaking on the left-hand ram, this is because the poor design from the suspa manufacturer for Porsche.

Only a complete overhaul from pump and upgrade the design on both hydraulic cartridges inside the rams will warranty you a faultless system for the future.

We can book the collect with TNT/FedEx of the package at your home/workshop for a verry good price, contact us for price quote!

Repair off the original hydraulic system:

We rebuild always the complete mechanism, both rams and pump.

With this you have 5 years warranty mark on the invoice, but we are pretty sure that this will be ok for almost 20 years.

Attention if you regularly have an error message on the dash, mostly there is a broken part inside the pump, this is an extra cost of 85 euro to upgrade 1 plastic part.

For more details check our extra repair service cost.

If there is a part broken in the pump, we will send you some pictures about this and the replaced part will be sending back to you.

There is also a problem with the pump, we are the only company to have discovered an additional problem at the pump so far.

This problem is always adjusted when we carry out the complete repair in order to avoid this in the future.

This is wat you get in our complete overhaul (repair) service :

Use always special hook wrench,

Ask a quote: