Porsche (996/997) convertible roof hydraulic rams repair service for 1999-2012

We retrofit your original hydraulics with custom designed parts and seals to restore proper function.

The rebuilt convertible cylinders are shipped to you pre refill with hydraulic oil ready to go and new copper washers are included for proper installation.

The rams included replacement seals at the swivel hose connections. The arrow in the photo above   shows the location of the internal seal.

The Porsche 996 and 997 each have two hydraulic cylinders that power the convertible roof. We recommend replacing both original cylinders at the same time since the life span of the seals is predictably similar.

Shipment cost to National customers included.

Excluded in price:    -rod replacement.  – new hydraulic lines (price of new hydraulic lines depend of the length!).

When we receive your cylinders:

We perform a detailed inspection when we receive and unpack your leaking cylinders. We look for physical damage such as bent rods, drilled holes, scrapes, dents, rust and pitting, or any other alterations to the original factory cylinders. If your cylinders are free of damage and all the parts are intact, we continue the repair and send you already the invoice. If we find any damage during our inspection process, we will inform you by mail to discuss the damage before we start any work on your cylinders.

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